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EXOFOR is a subsidiary of AGUANUESTRA company. It was founded in 1995 in Venezuela in joint venture with a French Company boasting of over 30 years experience in drilling. We count over 1800 projects in the collection of salted or fresh water, destruction by blasting as well as horizontal or vertical foundation piles.We are specialized in all drilling jobs with diameters going from 1 to 24 “.

Based in Saint-Martin, EXOFOR'S ambition is to offer our services to the Caribbean region.

Our equipment allows adapting to all types of terrain.

We can drill with BENTONIC MUD INJECTIONS, which is ideal for large diameter drilling (up to 20”). We can also drill with a HOLE BOTTOM HAMMER that is best suited for metamorphic rocks. We also use the HOLLOW AUGER for diameter going up to 24”

equipement de qualitee - exofor

We use certified food quality ISO 9001 tubes, our strainers are machined, gauged to the tenth of millimeter and we also offer the best adapted pumping equipment (Grundfos or Goulds) as well as inverted osmosis filtration units (Crane Environmental)

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